One of the Few Good Things in Our Food System

While reading Whats Up With Mad Cow on, I could not help but feel a little bit happy with our American food structure.  At least mad cow disease is taken serious enough to warrant proper food safety protocols.  It gives me some relief to know that when I am eating my burger, all the cows used to make my burger only have a minuscule chance of being tainted with the disease.  But then my happiness with the food system fades because then I realize that that is only one disease and it is not that high of a concern in comparison to other diseases.  This small glint of hope once again is blackened out by the realization that there is much worse in the world.  My burger formed from many cows has a higher chance of being infected with E. Coli and other virulent bacteria.  E. Coli infects thousands of people a year and kills many of them while mad cow disease has only killed a small amount of people in the U.S. within the past decade.  Why does E. Coli not have similar results in prevention?  I think there should be a greater priority in E. Coli prevention considering its statistics are much worse.  Also, it does not help that there are other bacteria you have to worry about such as salmonella and listeria monocytogenes floating around in your meat.  Is it because mad cow disease sounds scarier that E. Coli and friends and is much more likely to start mass hysteria?  Then again it is probably because of the bullshit (literally and figuratively) the corporations do not feel like messing with.  They lose more money keeping people safe and they always go for the money.


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