What’s Available…Nothing

I have really been hearing the same thing all week.  People have been complaining about the availability of good, healthy foods.  Whether I was interviewing people, sitting in class, or just having a normal conversation with friends this same subject matter came up time and time again.  Friends of mine have complained about the vegetarian and vegan selections being limited in the cafeteria.  I also have been hearing a lot about issues with Benny’s meal plans and how they can really be deceptive.  There are a lot of easy changes they could make in the cafeteria and Benny’s to accommodate most of the problems.  They could label foods and tell people what is in the dish.  They should also provide more food options so that people who are very selective of their food is not eating the same thing everyday.  Benny’s needs to restructure their menu and meal plans because many people are sick and tired of going over the price given.  Somethings are really not a meal yet they overcharge the student for the food.  I am usually getting charged an extra dollar for what is a complete meal for myself.  Usually this would simply be taken out of the flex you are given with the meal plan, but I myself as well as many others have lost all available flex.  I also wish they would just get rid of the meal time schedule.  If you get a meal within a certain time frame, you are not allowed to get another one until the next time schedule.  If I have extra meals built up at the end of the week and would like to get a smoothie as a meal, I cannot then get a normal meal until later.  Maybe I would like to get a smoothie as well as some normal food at the same time.  I do like Susquehanna University as a college but their food options really sucks.


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