Finally A Stand

I am somewhat pleased with the article I found on, The FDA Takes Action on Animal Antibiotics at Long Last.  The FDA is finally trying to do something about the antibiotics being pumped into animals.  They make some specifications such as it is okay to use antibiotics as therapeutics so that the animal does not die from sickness, but it is not okay to use antibiotics to promote growth.  The reasoning is that all these antibiotics are harming the people who end up eating the meat produced.  This can cause an increased resistance to antibiotics for people and make treatment for illness much more difficult.  There are several problems to be addressed and worked out with their plan though.  They are asking the companies to voluntarily cut back and consult with veterinarians on the use of the drug.  I seriously doubt these money raking companies are going to oblige the request with a yes.  At the end of the article it was pointed out that there was a lawsuit on a drug banning before that took a lot of time to work out.  This action is going to affect the sales of a  lot of drugs and is going to lead to a lot of protests and reactions.  I really do not see this happening like the FDA dreams it would.  I really hope there is a push against these companies that will lead to the ban of non-therapeutic antibiotics in our animals.  The FDA is going to need to put together a solid plan to do this rather than politely asking companies to volunteer themselves to lose profits.


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