While looking through I found the interesting article Magazine Cautions Against 10 ‘Dirtiest’ Foods.  I could not help but read something like this.  It turns out that the dirtiest foods reported by Men’s Health magazine are chicken, ground beef, ground turkeys, raw oysters, eggs, cantaloupe, peaches, prepackaged lettuce, cold cuts, and then finally scallions.  Some of the listed foods I expected to see there but cantaloupe and peaches really surprised me.  It turns out that 3.5% of sampled cantaloupes have been contaminated by Salmonella or Shigella.  Peaches have a very high pesticide exposure and you need to remove a wax coating to get rid of them.  I was a little surprised when they said ground turkey was the “foulest of the fowl.” Prepackaged lettuce can contain E. Coli which is very alarming and I am glad I do not eat the pathogen ridden scallions.  I was fully expecting to see ground beef on the list because anyone who knows anything about food safety knows ground beef can be very dangerous.  Eggs is also a dirty food especially when you consider where it comes from, but the number of people sickened by the egg annually is simply astounding.  The fact that 300 people a year die from eggs is surprising.  One food item that is not on the list that I thought would definitely be on there is raw milk.  It seems like I am always reading about raw milk causing people to get sick and need medical attention, so I was surprised when it was not on the list.  This was definitely informative and should be read.


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