Handicap Access to Food

Just yesterday, I was entered into the Greek Olympics for my fraternity Phi Beta Sigma.  We have been competing in events for Greek Week since Saturday and yesterday’s event was dodge ball.  Unfortunately I have been having problems with my right knee for the past couple of years and lately they have only been getting worse, and when I played dodge ball my knee finally had enough.  I heard a loud pop, my leg went sideways, and I was on the ground.  I tried to play it out but was left hoping trying to dodge balls.  After getting out and the round ended I was left on the ground waiting for crutches.  I am still on the crutches and one of the hardest things is trying to get food.  When somebody says something is not handicap accessible you may not know what they mean until you really become handicapped.  I cannot carry my food or drink and I am basically left needing the generosity of others.  Whether I try to eat at the cafeteria or at Benny’s I am unable to move my food.  It is hard to imagine those who are permanently handicapped doing this everyday.  To me it seems like an impressive feat now.  I am not sure how they can alleviate this problem but I think it should definitely be investigated.  I hate relying on other people because I feel like they are taking time out of their day to try and accommodate me when they have other things to do.  Something so normal as getting food seems like a chore now and that is definitely not what it should seem like.


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