While looking through, I cam upon an article that I could really relate to.  Norovirus – How and Where It Spreads as an article discusses the dangerous bug that can spread quickly and abruptly.  I am not sure if I caught norovirus myself, but when I was admitted to the emergency room with a very bad case of gastroenteritis, I cannot help but wonder if that was the reason.  My mom had actually called asking whether or not that was the cause after she heard about outbreaks of the virus in the local areas.  For me, it was a sudden case of extreme abdominal pain that had me slumped over for over an hour.  I also vomited around ten time within twenty minutes, leaving me very dehydrated and weak.  This also led to me falling and hitting my head, which I would later find out gave me a concussion.  Whether I had norovirus or not, I will not know.  The healthcare workers at the emergency room were not very caring while I was admitted.  They never checked me for a concussion despite the fact that I complained of a headache, told them I hit my head hard, and could barely remember my birth date.  They said about other cases of people coming in with bad cases of gastroenteritis, but they never really put everything together.  If I did have gastroenteritis, was it because of something I ate at Susquehanna University or did I pick up while I was at home the previous weekend?  I am mostly leaning towards my family since they also got sick, although not quite as bad.  Perhaps my family ate some food that resulted in the norovirus.  I guess the world will never know.


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