So Hard to Eat Healthy

Lately, I have been catching myself eating certain foods items that I really should not.  For breakfast, I almost always ate a bagel because it was the only breakfast item at Susquehanna University that did not make me feel sick.  I recently found out I can use a meal to get a low-fat yogurt smoothie on campus.  This is what I have been having for breakfast recently as it seems better than the bagel in nutrition.  The problem is I am left with just two breakfast options to purchase on campus that I will actually eat.  When you move on to lunch and dinner, there are not that many options for good healthy food either.  It kind of gets old when you eat a sandwich and a salad almost everyday.  When you are eating this same old same old while others are enjoying a cheese steak sub, it is really hard to enjoy your food choice.  Personally I wish there was more variety in the healthy foods you can get.  Some of the healthy foods they offer are more than just a meal and they cut into your flex.  Paying extra to eat healthy really sucks when you have little money to spare.  While looking around for something healthy and tasty, you are often left starring at the mass assortment of desserts they have around.  This is not the best thing to be looking at when you really are trying to cut back.  Or even if you can avoid looking at the food, it does not help that you have people around the area eating these fatty foods, but you cannot get rid of that.  I just wish eating healthy was not such a pain in the ass.  Maybe people would eat healthier if it was easier.


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