Pink Slime

I have been hearing different things lately about pink slime, so I decided to read an article about it.  On they had the article USDA to Offer School Districts Choice on Pink Slime that provided some good insight.  Pink slime, or LFTB, is the left over meat trimmings mixed with ammonia to kill of the harmful bacteria.  It is very unappealing and deserves the name it is given.  You are basically eating unwanted trimmings that the article says had been used for animal foods in the past.  To make it worse, these unwanted trimmings go through an ammonia treating process to kill of the bad bacteria such as E. Coli that usually taints the trimmings.  It is bad enough that this stuff exists as a food product, but we also serve this to the schools.  Fast food restaurants McDonalds, Burger King, and Taco Bell have taken pink slime out of their beef products this year, yet we still feed it to young school kids.  Famous chefs such as Jamie Oliver are against these sneaky practices that cheat people out of good meat products.  I am glad they are changing the practice to at least allow schools to decide whether they want to serve their students unwanted meat that looks like shit.  It really is disturbing that companies would stoop this low for their own greed.  Not surprising, just disturbing.  It is like Jamie Oliver said, it is a breach of trust with the consumers.  Instead of serving quality meat like they should be, they serve us risky meat.  I really hope we can get rid of this disgusting product.


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