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While looking through, I cam upon an article that I could really relate to.  Norovirus – How and Where It Spreads as an article discusses the dangerous bug that can spread quickly and abruptly.  I am not sure if I caught norovirus myself, but when I was admitted to the emergency room with a very bad case of gastroenteritis, I cannot help but wonder if that was the reason.  My mom had actually called asking whether or not that was the cause after she heard about outbreaks of the virus in the local areas.  For me, it was a sudden case of extreme abdominal pain that had me slumped over for over an hour.  I also vomited around ten time within twenty minutes, leaving me very dehydrated and weak.  This also led to me falling and hitting my head, which I would later find out gave me a concussion.  Whether I had norovirus or not, I will not know.  The healthcare workers at the emergency room were not very caring while I was admitted.  They never checked me for a concussion despite the fact that I complained of a headache, told them I hit my head hard, and could barely remember my birth date.  They said about other cases of people coming in with bad cases of gastroenteritis, but they never really put everything together.  If I did have gastroenteritis, was it because of something I ate at Susquehanna University or did I pick up while I was at home the previous weekend?  I am mostly leaning towards my family since they also got sick, although not quite as bad.  Perhaps my family ate some food that resulted in the norovirus.  I guess the world will never know.


So Hard to Eat Healthy

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Lately, I have been catching myself eating certain foods items that I really should not.  For breakfast, I almost always ate a bagel because it was the only breakfast item at Susquehanna University that did not make me feel sick.  I recently found out I can use a meal to get a low-fat yogurt smoothie on campus.  This is what I have been having for breakfast recently as it seems better than the bagel in nutrition.  The problem is I am left with just two breakfast options to purchase on campus that I will actually eat.  When you move on to lunch and dinner, there are not that many options for good healthy food either.  It kind of gets old when you eat a sandwich and a salad almost everyday.  When you are eating this same old same old while others are enjoying a cheese steak sub, it is really hard to enjoy your food choice.  Personally I wish there was more variety in the healthy foods you can get.  Some of the healthy foods they offer are more than just a meal and they cut into your flex.  Paying extra to eat healthy really sucks when you have little money to spare.  While looking around for something healthy and tasty, you are often left starring at the mass assortment of desserts they have around.  This is not the best thing to be looking at when you really are trying to cut back.  Or even if you can avoid looking at the food, it does not help that you have people around the area eating these fatty foods, but you cannot get rid of that.  I just wish eating healthy was not such a pain in the ass.  Maybe people would eat healthier if it was easier.

Pink Slime

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I have been hearing different things lately about pink slime, so I decided to read an article about it.  On they had the article USDA to Offer School Districts Choice on Pink Slime that provided some good insight.  Pink slime, or LFTB, is the left over meat trimmings mixed with ammonia to kill of the harmful bacteria.  It is very unappealing and deserves the name it is given.  You are basically eating unwanted trimmings that the article says had been used for animal foods in the past.  To make it worse, these unwanted trimmings go through an ammonia treating process to kill of the bad bacteria such as E. Coli that usually taints the trimmings.  It is bad enough that this stuff exists as a food product, but we also serve this to the schools.  Fast food restaurants McDonalds, Burger King, and Taco Bell have taken pink slime out of their beef products this year, yet we still feed it to young school kids.  Famous chefs such as Jamie Oliver are against these sneaky practices that cheat people out of good meat products.  I am glad they are changing the practice to at least allow schools to decide whether they want to serve their students unwanted meat that looks like shit.  It really is disturbing that companies would stoop this low for their own greed.  Not surprising, just disturbing.  It is like Jamie Oliver said, it is a breach of trust with the consumers.  Instead of serving quality meat like they should be, they serve us risky meat.  I really hope we can get rid of this disgusting product.


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Over Spring Break, a group of friends and myself went to Philadelphia for the day.  We did a lot of exploring in the city, visiting monuments and stores, but a very interesting area I visited was the Reading Terminal Market.  The market contains a diverse array of food markets all in one building.  If you look hard enough, you can find almost anything you are looking for.  I helped myself to a great Philly cheese steak from a restaurant situated next to a Greek restaurant and Mennonite restaurant.   After eating with my friends, we decided to check out the rest of the market for about half an hour, before moving on.  One thing I noticed consistently throughout the market was that anything organic clearly stated it was organic.  Big and vibrant signs would let you know if something was organic and locally grown.  Whether it was vegetables, fruits, or baked products, it would state so.  You could clearly tell that the signs were directed at foodies, or anyone who wanted to eat healthy.  There were a lot of places there making products from organic foods such as banana bread and lemonade.  There were many Mennonites doing very well in business, because everyone wanted locally grown and organic foods.  The Reading Terminal Market seemed like it had two trends, ethnic foods and organic foods.  The most surprising thing I found though was some of the food was fairly decent price wise.  There were many organic products there that were priced low and accessible to the general population.  I’m not sure whether this is due to competition over tourists or just a lack of greed.