Some Sexism and Some Soda

My feminist side came out while reading Annals of Food Marketing are Dr Pepper Ads Sexist on  The short article brings up the massive amount of sexism in the advertising of Dr. Pepper 10.  Although the commercials are meant to be parodies of the male stereotype, they still portray men as different from women.  The article brings up a good point in that men do not diet, only women.  Men are not supposed to be seen drinking Diet Dr. Pepper, but Dr. Pepper 10 is okay.  The drinks seem to be the same except that their advertising is focused on two different audiences.  Dr. Pepper 10 is for men and only men.  Their commercials depict the manly man doing a lot of action stunts.   The male commercial further creates a barrier between male and female roles and traits despite being farcical.  They establish the man as the one who needs to be in constant action and be aggressive while enjoying his drink.  This drink is described as “manly” and “not for women.”  The commercials take several stabs at the “typical” women such as not enjoying action movies, wanting romance, and even labeling their drinks lady-like.  The commercial is amusing, but is it worth it?  Young boys seeing this commercial are not able to dissect the content.  They see it as men are this way, girls are that way.  Girls cannot drink this soda because it is “manly.”  This commercial teaches kids stereotypes they may believe as true.  Some people may assume it is all right because it is comical.  The author has a great argument about that with comparing it to racial separation.  This commercial would bring about tremendous outrage if their was a typical redneck saying Dr. Pepper 10 is not for black people.  Why is there a disparity between race and gender?  We are all human, so why not advertise a drink to us as humans.


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