More Wings

Monday, six of my friends as well as myself went to the Country Tavern for their wing buffet.  The food was great, but our conversation took an interesting turn.  One of my friends questioned why chickens are not extinct with all the chicken we eat today.  I simply looked at him and said it’s because we mass-produce them.  He looked a little confused at the prospect of chickens being produced in such a way, so I had to explain.  I told him that we use a lot of growth hormones to make sure the chickens grow up fast.  We keep them shut away in dark rooms so close together that the only thing they can really due is stand around.  When they eat too much, they can only lay due to the weight of their bodies.  Chickens that are ready are then killed, sometimes by slamming them against the ground several times.  Sometimes they just have their head stomped on.  Their deaths are usually not quick, but are very cruel.  Kosher chickens are hung upside down and then have their throats slashed.  Everyone seemed a little disturbed at how cruelly chickens are treated in the modern industry.  I would not have said anything if I knew they were squeamish, but we all love eating meat so this story was not one to break our appetite.  We continued with our wings until everyone was bloated.  Although we were fine with eating chicken after the story, we all at least took the time to recognize what these chickens went through to feed us.  Nobody decided to become vegetarian, but at least they all have a little bit more information on where their food comes from.


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