Raw Food for Dogs

While reading Raw Food for Dogs a Risk or a Cure All on nytimes.com, gave me the impression that raw food may be something we need to aid obesity in animals as well as improve their general health.  I would think that the health benefits of eating raw food would apply to other animals like cats as well.  The stories of a raw food diet aiding with animal diabetes and allergies sound great and they should be investigated thoroughly.  To be honest, I have no idea what is in the cat and dog food we give our pets.  For all I know, I could be giving my cat pet food filled with unnecessary chemicals.  The problem with the raw food diet is not what Dr. Hohenhaus weakly argued for in the article, but that it is a privilege for middle and higher class.  It reflects the current food situation in America, the best food for you is the most expensive.  I personally cannot afford to buy healthy food for myself so the idea of buying raw elk or raw turkey for my cat seems unlikely.  I really wish I was able to spoil my cat with such a special diet to increase his health, but I need to be able to get myself healthy food as well.  I hope they do investigate the benefits of raw food as well as any possible risks and try to make it cheaper for the general population.  I would love to see a day when most people can afford to eat healthy as well as feed their pets healthy food too.


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