Glad I Drink Coke

I just read the article Pepsi Cuts 8,700 jobs, 4th Quarter Profits Rise on, and I am absolutely appalled.  With corporate greed running everything today, cases where a massive amount of workers lose their job due to corporate greed just stings.  The article reports that the economy is bad so adding another 8,700 unemployed is not going to benefit anyone but Pepsi.  Pepsi’s company was not even at risk for losing money as the article explains.  They have been showing an increase in profit since last year, so the job cuts have no logical basis.  It is also disturbing to see that Wall Street is saying they are going through rough times when clearly Pepsi is doing very well.  This article already reaffirms what I already know, America is fueled by greed.  I personally am glad this was not Coca-Cola, otherwise it would hurt me even more.  I hope that Coke counters this action by opening up even more jobs.  They could easily make themselves look like heroes and Pepsi look like villains.  This would create a tremendous swing in soda loyalties, especially among the 8,700 employees who lost their jobs.  I personally hope that people start to boycott Pepsi for this selfish act so that maybe some corporations will take into consideration their actions.  I doubt that will happen because all these corporations care about is profit, not public opinion.  They would not care if there product was hated, as long as people still bought it.  I really wish there was a change in our world.


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