I have recently read the New York Times article Some Comments on the Rise and Fall of Twinkies, and I can honestly say I do not know what a Twinkies tastes like.  Perhaps this is why they are going under.  Not to say that me not eating Twinkies  caused a catastrophic drop in sales, but that my generation is not familiar with the taste of Twinkies.  The author of the article makes a great point in saying that they are from an older age, and we just did not grow up with them.  I think if Twinkies were reintroduced as more modernized they may have been able to re-enter culture with a bang.  They even had a part in the movie Zombieland where they were a highly sought after food.  I think Hostess could have at least tried to force itself back into the world of consumerism.  Instead of having a chance, it seems as if Little Debbie’s have crushed Twinkies with their onslaught of goodness (such as Zebra Cakes).  Perhaps Twinkies will arise more as a cultural entity when Hostess goes under.  The author connected the Twinkies with an older generation, establishing it as a cultural symbol for those in that era.  It seems though that Twinkies is a dying flame in today’s market and must retire now.  Although it is a sad time for those who love Twinkies, at least the Twinkies will take a spot as a cultural entity.  Although they will no longer be made, they will carry on as an indestructible symbol of America’s little desserts.


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