New Found Questions

Recently I had a dentist appointment, and on my way back to school I passed a farm.  Typically I think nothing of it since I pass them all the time, but this time I picked up on something new.  Cows were lined up at the side of the fence eating out of troughs.  For the first time I asked myself what were they eating?  A seemingly unimportant question at first, but when you look into it you find a great depth to it.  Are the cows eating grass and hay like the “normal” diet of a cow?  Are the cows forced to eat corn and antibiotics like so many others are now?  I started noting the surroundings of the cow to try and make an educated guess to what they were eating.  The cows were walking around in mud, but there were small, sporadic patches of grass around the area.  They were out in the fresh air and not forced into a small pen unlike many of the big time farms.  They seemed genuinely content with their lifestyle as well.  I am assuming they are content since they seemed very healthy and very active, but this does not give any significant hints to what the cows were eating.  The farmer could go with the cheaper and more “efficient” corn feed and maybe supplement with some grass.  Their are many arguments to make about what the cows are eating, but without actually asking the farmer, I can only guess.  I guess I will never know whether the cows were eating what they naturally want to eat or if they were forced to eat what corporate America wants them to eat.  I have never asked myself such questions before, but after learning so much from my classes, it is impossible to just ignore the reality of everyday life.


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