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Some Sexism and Some Soda

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My feminist side came out while reading Annals of Food Marketing are Dr Pepper Ads Sexist on  The short article brings up the massive amount of sexism in the advertising of Dr. Pepper 10.  Although the commercials are meant to be parodies of the male stereotype, they still portray men as different from women.  The article brings up a good point in that men do not diet, only women.  Men are not supposed to be seen drinking Diet Dr. Pepper, but Dr. Pepper 10 is okay.  The drinks seem to be the same except that their advertising is focused on two different audiences.  Dr. Pepper 10 is for men and only men.  Their commercials depict the manly man doing a lot of action stunts.   The male commercial further creates a barrier between male and female roles and traits despite being farcical.  They establish the man as the one who needs to be in constant action and be aggressive while enjoying his drink.  This drink is described as “manly” and “not for women.”  The commercials take several stabs at the “typical” women such as not enjoying action movies, wanting romance, and even labeling their drinks lady-like.  The commercial is amusing, but is it worth it?  Young boys seeing this commercial are not able to dissect the content.  They see it as men are this way, girls are that way.  Girls cannot drink this soda because it is “manly.”  This commercial teaches kids stereotypes they may believe as true.  Some people may assume it is all right because it is comical.  The author has a great argument about that with comparing it to racial separation.  This commercial would bring about tremendous outrage if their was a typical redneck saying Dr. Pepper 10 is not for black people.  Why is there a disparity between race and gender?  We are all human, so why not advertise a drink to us as humans.


More Wings

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Monday, six of my friends as well as myself went to the Country Tavern for their wing buffet.  The food was great, but our conversation took an interesting turn.  One of my friends questioned why chickens are not extinct with all the chicken we eat today.  I simply looked at him and said it’s because we mass-produce them.  He looked a little confused at the prospect of chickens being produced in such a way, so I had to explain.  I told him that we use a lot of growth hormones to make sure the chickens grow up fast.  We keep them shut away in dark rooms so close together that the only thing they can really due is stand around.  When they eat too much, they can only lay due to the weight of their bodies.  Chickens that are ready are then killed, sometimes by slamming them against the ground several times.  Sometimes they just have their head stomped on.  Their deaths are usually not quick, but are very cruel.  Kosher chickens are hung upside down and then have their throats slashed.  Everyone seemed a little disturbed at how cruelly chickens are treated in the modern industry.  I would not have said anything if I knew they were squeamish, but we all love eating meat so this story was not one to break our appetite.  We continued with our wings until everyone was bloated.  Although we were fine with eating chicken after the story, we all at least took the time to recognize what these chickens went through to feed us.  Nobody decided to become vegetarian, but at least they all have a little bit more information on where their food comes from.

Raw Food for Dogs

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While reading Raw Food for Dogs a Risk or a Cure All on, gave me the impression that raw food may be something we need to aid obesity in animals as well as improve their general health.  I would think that the health benefits of eating raw food would apply to other animals like cats as well.  The stories of a raw food diet aiding with animal diabetes and allergies sound great and they should be investigated thoroughly.  To be honest, I have no idea what is in the cat and dog food we give our pets.  For all I know, I could be giving my cat pet food filled with unnecessary chemicals.  The problem with the raw food diet is not what Dr. Hohenhaus weakly argued for in the article, but that it is a privilege for middle and higher class.  It reflects the current food situation in America, the best food for you is the most expensive.  I personally cannot afford to buy healthy food for myself so the idea of buying raw elk or raw turkey for my cat seems unlikely.  I really wish I was able to spoil my cat with such a special diet to increase his health, but I need to be able to get myself healthy food as well.  I hope they do investigate the benefits of raw food as well as any possible risks and try to make it cheaper for the general population.  I would love to see a day when most people can afford to eat healthy as well as feed their pets healthy food too.


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I recently competed in a Susquehanna University wing eating competition and won.  I started to think about it several hours later and I started wondering are these competitions a complete waste?  If you ever are involved in an eating contest, one thing you will notice that you lose all taste and enjoyment while eating the food.  It really seems unfair to the animals to die for your eating games.  We are to treat animals with respect, so is this respectful?  This could be quite problematic if I keep thinking like this as I may not want to compete again.  Of course, this is the highly critical me ,fueled by terrible stories about food and animal abuse, thinking of what is supposedly just for the animals.  After thinking I quickly tossed out these ridiculous ideas.  The animal is not being disrespected in the least.  If we were to butcher a chicken, cook it, and then throw it on the floor for no reason, that would be disrespectful to the bird’s sacrifice.  These wings went exactly where they were supposed to go from the moment they were cooked, into my stomach.  They just made the transfer from my plate into my stomach a lot faster than usual.  Although my brief thoughts were kind of stupid, I still noticed that I was thinking about what I eat a lot more often than what I used to.  A year ago, I would have won the competition and think nothing more about the wings.  Maybe the most respectful thing you can do for an animal is honor its sacrifice by keeping it in your thoughts.  You do not need to be emotional, but just honor it with some cognitive space.

Glad I Drink Coke

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I just read the article Pepsi Cuts 8,700 jobs, 4th Quarter Profits Rise on, and I am absolutely appalled.  With corporate greed running everything today, cases where a massive amount of workers lose their job due to corporate greed just stings.  The article reports that the economy is bad so adding another 8,700 unemployed is not going to benefit anyone but Pepsi.  Pepsi’s company was not even at risk for losing money as the article explains.  They have been showing an increase in profit since last year, so the job cuts have no logical basis.  It is also disturbing to see that Wall Street is saying they are going through rough times when clearly Pepsi is doing very well.  This article already reaffirms what I already know, America is fueled by greed.  I personally am glad this was not Coca-Cola, otherwise it would hurt me even more.  I hope that Coke counters this action by opening up even more jobs.  They could easily make themselves look like heroes and Pepsi look like villains.  This would create a tremendous swing in soda loyalties, especially among the 8,700 employees who lost their jobs.  I personally hope that people start to boycott Pepsi for this selfish act so that maybe some corporations will take into consideration their actions.  I doubt that will happen because all these corporations care about is profit, not public opinion.  They would not care if there product was hated, as long as people still bought it.  I really wish there was a change in our world.

Drawing a Blank….

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This entire week I have been trying to think of something to write about in relation to food that attempts to evoke some question or concern.  I am still drawing a blank so I suppose I will talk about the first thing that comes to my mind and how it relates to food.  Ready?  Cats… I love cats.  It is my favorite animal and I care greatly about my own cat Neo.  When the idea of what goes into the production of cat food came up in class, I was utterly jealous that I did not think of it.  I try to keep my cat healthy, but I also tend to spoil him with treats.  What I am wondering is whether they have a specified nutritional diet for cats like they do humans.  We have a two thousand calorie diet in our nutritional facts, so what is the equivalent for a cat?  Does cat food supply him with all the nutrients he needs or is there a lack of care that goes into the product.  This idea makes me want to reevaluate what I am feeding to Neo.  You can often times see the advertisement for dog food that has everything the dog needs to be very healthy, but I want to know if they make it for cats as well.  I wonder if canned cat food is better or worse for the animal compared to hard cat food.  Their are many questions I can ask about my pet’s food, but I think the best thing I could do is research it instead.

New Found Questions

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Recently I had a dentist appointment, and on my way back to school I passed a farm.  Typically I think nothing of it since I pass them all the time, but this time I picked up on something new.  Cows were lined up at the side of the fence eating out of troughs.  For the first time I asked myself what were they eating?  A seemingly unimportant question at first, but when you look into it you find a great depth to it.  Are the cows eating grass and hay like the “normal” diet of a cow?  Are the cows forced to eat corn and antibiotics like so many others are now?  I started noting the surroundings of the cow to try and make an educated guess to what they were eating.  The cows were walking around in mud, but there were small, sporadic patches of grass around the area.  They were out in the fresh air and not forced into a small pen unlike many of the big time farms.  They seemed genuinely content with their lifestyle as well.  I am assuming they are content since they seemed very healthy and very active, but this does not give any significant hints to what the cows were eating.  The farmer could go with the cheaper and more “efficient” corn feed and maybe supplement with some grass.  Their are many arguments to make about what the cows are eating, but without actually asking the farmer, I can only guess.  I guess I will never know whether the cows were eating what they naturally want to eat or if they were forced to eat what corporate America wants them to eat.  I have never asked myself such questions before, but after learning so much from my classes, it is impossible to just ignore the reality of everyday life.