Wishful Thinking

I read the article Guess What Traffic Light Labels Work posted on foodpolitics.com and it got me thinking.  A green label means a healthy food and a red label means bad food, but they call it a stoplight so what exactly does the yellow mean.  Does it symbolize foods that could be called neutral?  This question is fairly irrelevant though.  My main question is whether such a policy could make it into our modern food system.  Although the experiment was conducted and showed great success, I do not think this will ever become a policy.  With a red label comes dropped sales which the creating company will protest against nonstop.  With America being under the thumb of corporations, I seriously doubt the FDA can pass such a policy.  If there is such a policy created, the corporations will bribe experts to simply “classify” their products as green or good.  I honestly would love to see this system in effect because it seems like it could help with the obesity problems this nation has, but this nation’s problem is the corporation’s gain.  It would be an impressive victory to just get a policy like this into effect and then for it to make a substantial improvement in the health of most Americans.  I hope that someday when we can overthrow the corporation’s lust for greed, we can implement such good health strategies as this.  Since these labels can not be put on the products while being sold, we need to take note of what is and is not healthy and then assign them our own labels.


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