Unsanitary Conditions to E. Coli

I have recently read the article Test Results Show Organic Pastures Link to Outbreak  for foodsafetynews.com and I was extremely disturbed.  In my opinion, Unpasteurized products should not be allowed to be sold to the public. It does not seem worth the risk to acquire some good bacteria or better taste when you have such problems as E.Coli floating around. When you look at the “sanitary deficiencies” this company has, the company should have been shut down with or without pasteurization. The fact that Organic Pastures does not care to keep it working facilities in high sanitation reveals a lack of caring for the consumer and/or a desire to save money. With animal droppings lying about and flies swarming around, the transfer of bacteria is almost a guarantee. The machines not being kept in good repair and not being kept sanitary only asks for problems to develop during the processing of the milk. You then have the problems of the chipping paint, mold and mildew, and uncovered sewage water. I’m glad there weren’t many others infected. With this places previous record of incidents, it should be shut down for good. How many children are going to have to get very sick and possibly die for them to see the danger this company is putting people in. I would not want a company like this selling people milk products even if it was pasteurized, since that only takes care of so much of the bacteria. I really hope they take an in depth look at Organic Pastures and find them incapable of maintaining sanitary conditions necessary for future production.


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