The True Socialist Utopia of Produce

A quote in Michael Pollan’s The Omnivore’s Dilemma really intrigued me as I read it.  “The true socialist utopia turns out to be a field of F-1 hybrid plants” (Pollan 37).  All the attempts to create a socialist utopia in many countries and the only true socialist utopia is a field of genetically altered plants.  Every corn plant shares the resources equally and every corn stock looks the same.  Is this limited to corn though?  As I’m eating wheat thins, are the wheat, corn, and soybean ingredients all genetically altered?  Is there a wheat socialist utopia or a soybean utopia?  If I grow some F-1 hybrid corn stocks in my backyard, are they going to be exactly the same as the corn stocks in a massive farm’s fields?  Is this the fate of our produce to never be unique?  Will I soon be eating genetically altered apples that don’t differ regardless of where they are grown?  I could keep going on and on with these questions.  I can understand wanting a better product that is a lot more efficiently grown, but won’t this destroy any sense of special “touch” that goes into farming.  Regardless of who is growing it or how they feel about it, is it just going to turn out the same?  There is now the genetic alteration that gives corn its own pesticides to take care of any bugs.  These plants are becoming more and more independent with every mutation.  What is this going to do to brands of produce?  If an apple is genetically altered to be the same no matter what, then will there still be brands?


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