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Wishful Thinking

Posted in Uncategorized on January 29, 2012 by NecridX5

I read the article Guess What Traffic Light Labels Work posted on and it got me thinking.  A green label means a healthy food and a red label means bad food, but they call it a stoplight so what exactly does the yellow mean.  Does it symbolize foods that could be called neutral?  This question is fairly irrelevant though.  My main question is whether such a policy could make it into our modern food system.  Although the experiment was conducted and showed great success, I do not think this will ever become a policy.  With a red label comes dropped sales which the creating company will protest against nonstop.  With America being under the thumb of corporations, I seriously doubt the FDA can pass such a policy.  If there is such a policy created, the corporations will bribe experts to simply “classify” their products as green or good.  I honestly would love to see this system in effect because it seems like it could help with the obesity problems this nation has, but this nation’s problem is the corporation’s gain.  It would be an impressive victory to just get a policy like this into effect and then for it to make a substantial improvement in the health of most Americans.  I hope that someday when we can overthrow the corporation’s lust for greed, we can implement such good health strategies as this.  Since these labels can not be put on the products while being sold, we need to take note of what is and is not healthy and then assign them our own labels.


Unsanitary Conditions to E. Coli

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I have recently read the article Test Results Show Organic Pastures Link to Outbreak  for and I was extremely disturbed.  In my opinion, Unpasteurized products should not be allowed to be sold to the public. It does not seem worth the risk to acquire some good bacteria or better taste when you have such problems as E.Coli floating around. When you look at the “sanitary deficiencies” this company has, the company should have been shut down with or without pasteurization. The fact that Organic Pastures does not care to keep it working facilities in high sanitation reveals a lack of caring for the consumer and/or a desire to save money. With animal droppings lying about and flies swarming around, the transfer of bacteria is almost a guarantee. The machines not being kept in good repair and not being kept sanitary only asks for problems to develop during the processing of the milk. You then have the problems of the chipping paint, mold and mildew, and uncovered sewage water. I’m glad there weren’t many others infected. With this places previous record of incidents, it should be shut down for good. How many children are going to have to get very sick and possibly die for them to see the danger this company is putting people in. I would not want a company like this selling people milk products even if it was pasteurized, since that only takes care of so much of the bacteria. I really hope they take an in depth look at Organic Pastures and find them incapable of maintaining sanitary conditions necessary for future production.

Right or Wrong

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I have recently watched some disturbing videos on the treatment of animals at the industrial like slaughterhouses.  This is not my first exposure to this type of video.  I have seen many like them before as well as Food Inc., but I cannot bring myself to abandon the meat they give us.  This is not from a heartless perspective as I do love animals and I wish they had the best treatment, but this comes from my religious standpoint.  As a christian I am under the belief that God placed animals in the world for us.  We are given control over the animals to eat them or use them for other purposes such as travel.  I believe we should not treat these animals cruelly, but should respect them while they are raised for us.  I wish we could develop a greater appreciation for the animal such as the Native Americans had.  When they killed a buffalo, they used all of the buffalo without waste.  The buffalo was respected by the Native Americans and was never beaten before hand.  Despite watching these videos depicting cruelty, I was still able to eat a cheese steak sub.  I recognize the meat was a living cow before it was slaughtered and processed, but this is something that I can still eat while knowing.  Like I have said before, I recognize the animal’s sacrifice for our survival.  I do wish the animals would be respected while they are being raised to be killed for our nourishment.  I want the system to change its treatment of its animals but until then I will still eat meat and respect their sacrifice without letting them go to waste.  Some will say I have a right view or a wrong view, but my view should be respected.

The True Socialist Utopia of Produce

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A quote in Michael Pollan’s The Omnivore’s Dilemma really intrigued me as I read it.  “The true socialist utopia turns out to be a field of F-1 hybrid plants” (Pollan 37).  All the attempts to create a socialist utopia in many countries and the only true socialist utopia is a field of genetically altered plants.  Every corn plant shares the resources equally and every corn stock looks the same.  Is this limited to corn though?  As I’m eating wheat thins, are the wheat, corn, and soybean ingredients all genetically altered?  Is there a wheat socialist utopia or a soybean utopia?  If I grow some F-1 hybrid corn stocks in my backyard, are they going to be exactly the same as the corn stocks in a massive farm’s fields?  Is this the fate of our produce to never be unique?  Will I soon be eating genetically altered apples that don’t differ regardless of where they are grown?  I could keep going on and on with these questions.  I can understand wanting a better product that is a lot more efficiently grown, but won’t this destroy any sense of special “touch” that goes into farming.  Regardless of who is growing it or how they feel about it, is it just going to turn out the same?  There is now the genetic alteration that gives corn its own pesticides to take care of any bugs.  These plants are becoming more and more independent with every mutation.  What is this going to do to brands of produce?  If an apple is genetically altered to be the same no matter what, then will there still be brands?